Web Development Kit Reference Guide

This guide provides an overview of the technologies that are used in building a Soul Machines Digital Hero and the different ways you can extend the functions and features of your Digital Hero to fully meet your organization's business and technical requirements.

The following diagram provides a quick overview of the technology components that make-up the Soul Machines Digital Hero solution.

Figure 1: Soul Machines Digital Hero Technology Components

The Soul Machines Web SDK brings Digital Heroes to Web Browsers on desktop and mobile devices. General browser support is centered around providing a full-duplex audio/video session, using WebRTC between the browser and the Digital Hero.



This guide is intended for Technical personnel, e.g. Solution Architects, Developers, Testers, etc. who want to design, develop and test applications for their Digital Heroes to enhance their capabilities.
Information in this guide may also be useful to Business users who would like to gain some insight on how a Digital Hero is built and how it can be further enhanced, using the Soul Machines Web SDK and other third-party tools.

Please contact your Soul Machines representative, if you require further assistance in using this guide.


The following pages describe how a Digital Hero is built and customized, using the Soul Machines Web SDK:

The pdf version of the Soul Machines Web Development Kit Reference Guide can be found here.


The following documents can be used in conjunction with this guide: