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Welcome to the Soul Machines Knowledge base.

This library contains useful information that can help you configure and customize your Digital Person solution to fully meet your organization's business and technical requirements.

If you are stuck with an issue, we recommend looking at our Featured Resources to find technical information that might help you. If you are just getting started with implementing or using a Digital Person, the following guides provide a good starting point to understand how our Digital People work and the different ways you can personalize them.

  • The Soul Machines Web Development Kit Reference Guide provides an overview of the technologies used in building a Digital Person and describes the techniques you can utilize to extend its functions and features.

  • The Soul Machines Digital DNA User Guide enables you to quickly create and deploy a Digital Person. Digital DNA Studio is an authoring tool developed by Soul Machines to enable customers to quickly create, customize, and test user experiences and functions for their Digital Person solution. This tool also enables you to deploy the authored Digital Person to a target website. 

If you require further assistance, please visit our Customer Help Center.

Featured Resources